Tuesday, 9 Mar 2021

Types Of Washing Machines And How To Choose One!

Thanks to new launches, hundreds of launches, and more than a few credible brands, selecting a washing machine for our home isn’t the easiest decision. If you check for the types of washing machines in the market, you will have two different set of choices. Below we have discussed the options, so that you can take a call.

Top load vs. Front Load

  1. Pros and cons of front-loaders

A front-loading washer is ideal for smaller laundry rooms, because it can be easily stacked on a table or even on a big cupboard. If the capacity is decent, you can wash more clothes in one cycle. The drum is sideways, which helps in reducing water wastage too. All front-loaders use less energy and are gentler on the clothes, but without compromising on cleaning.

On the flip side, front-loaders lend to be expensive, especially because many of them use a stainless-steel drum. Also, the wash cycle can be a tad longer, and the machine can vibrate more than a top-loader, which is something worth considering.

  1. Pros and cons of top-loaders

With a top-loader, there’s little extra effort in putting and taking out clothes. You can also add more clothes to a cycle if required, and the wash cycles are smaller. If easier operation and budget are your prime considerations, this is the choice for your home.

On the flip side, top-loaders aren’t as effective in cleaning as some of the front-load machines. This is also not stackable, so you have to create a space for your machine.

Semi-automatic vs. Fully-automatic

Semi-automatic washing machines have two different drums for washing and cleaning, so you have to manually intervene in between. Fully-automatic ones are expensive, but for a busy homeowner, this is probably the best choice. Check https://www.meselectros.com/categorie-produit/laveuses/ to find choices for both.

Fully-automatic washers have been more popular in recent years, because of effective cleaning and lack of manual intervention, while semi-automatic ones are ideal for the budget buyer. Keep in mind that a washing machine will be in use on a regular basis, so instead of just considering the type, you want to focus on efficiency, energy-star rating and water usage. The technology is constantly getting better, and many brands are spending considerable money on new features. Consider the needs of your home and make sure to pick something that can last for a decade at least. Warranty can be extended with some brands for an extra charge.

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