Sunday, 24 Jan 2021

Fly Fishing Tips to Help you Get Started

Fly fishing can be a confusing hobby for those who are new to it. However, the good news is that it’s fun and accessible sport. To get started, read the following tips:

Prepare your Equipment

You will want to prepare your fly fishing gear. Your fly rods should not blow up so make sure you put them together. Begin with the tip part. The tip and butt must be mismatched by a quarter turn. Twist and tighten the pieces. Ensure the pieces have a snug fit without being forced together.


Determine your Preferred Grip

It is always recommended the left hand to use the crank of the reel. When casting, any hand can be used but in playing and landing a fish, the strongest hand must be used. Avoid switching hands in mid-battle. It is imperative to do what provides you maximum control.

Understand How your Reel Works

You have to know how to take the reel apart, change cassettes or spools in a quick and comfortable manner. Ensure that each spool’s inside is marked as to every line. You must also know the location of the drag adjustment and how it works.

Know How to Tie Basic Knots

To get you started, you should learn basic knots such as clinch, an improved clinch and surgeons knot. Also, the reel and line must have a little booklet on knots. Over time, you will want to learn more advanced knots such as the Bimini Twist.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

You will want to avoid wearing white hats or bright colors on the water since fish can see this well. The appropriate clothing should be one with earth colors and muted tones which blend into the natural setting. You can also consider layering. Over the period of fishing, expect the weather to change so make sure you wear a comfortable wear.

Have a System in Place

When fly fishing, organization is important before arrival at the destination and upon departure. Ensure you place your jacket, waders, hat and gloves in one place. This ensures you can easily locate every piece for a smoother fishing adventure. Preparing things in advance lets you focus on just getting your stuff, casting and getting some fishes. The way you organize may also depend on the weather. For instance, when the weather is hot, you want your rods and gear stuff first. Having a system in place helps you avoid fumbling through and around for items you cannot find.

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