Sunday, 24 Jan 2021

Carry Out These Inspections Before Buying A New Mercedes Benz

A thorough pre-inspection of your car is very critical for any car buyer before they make a purchase. It lets them know the functioning and performance of the car along with any signs of wear and tear. Getting a comprehensive vehicle inspection at authorized center provide an unbiased and precise reading of the issues that a vehicle might have. Learn the right way to perform a pre-inspection of your vehicle.

Learn about the service records:

One of the ways by which you would pre-inspect your pre owned Mercedes vehicle is to check its detailed service records. German vehicles from exotic automakers come with higher cost of maintenance. So, it is important to get a quick overview through the service records. It will assist in shortening a long list of probable purchases.

See the condition of parts

There are a few parts in the car that is likely to wear out soon in a Mercedes car. These parts are tires, brake-pads, and steering rack bushings. You need to confirm that these parts are in the best working condition. Check to find if they have been replaced lately. This will give you an idea of the amount that you need to keep aside for maintenance activities.

Electronics components are found to be temperamental in Mercedes cars. So, ensure that the centralized locking system, exterior lights, small motors power, belts, windows and remote trunk release are working properly. Other expensive repairs are “Signal Acquisition and Actuation component”. It causes lights signals, reverse lights and brake lights to stay in inactive or active state that causes a pain for owners.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Checklist and Price

Once your Mercedes-Benz vehicle is inspected by a Mercedes-Benz service professional, it is obvious for a few flaws to get identified. These flaws will assist you in price negotiation procedure. A comprehensive inspection would cover following areas:

  • Overall state of the Mercedes-Benz
  • Visual issues with the frame and body
  • Brake or leaks in the components
  • Engine analysis and issues
  • Road test

Types of problems that can be diagnosed by an authorized Mercedes-Benz mechanic while performing inspection:

  • Frame damage
  • Vehicle that was previously owned by a smoker
  • Flood damage
  • Inferior quality repair work


It is advised not to jump into a car buying decision without being sure about it. A pre-inspection of a Mercedes car will let you know whether you can expect tons of issues or a smooth ride from it.